Burning - Staking

Geld finance introduced a potential way of income to the geldf holders that include burning and staking.

Burning: Geldfinance infuses its 50% of the private sale amount to the trading on the segments of Forex, cryptos, and commodities. Since Geldfinance has a strong trading desk, we can expect a decent amount of profit in returns on a regular time frame.

The overall profits from the trading will be split into two sections.

      55% for Burning
      45% for staking.

The 55% will be used for the company's operational cost and development. The equivalent amount of geldf token(55% of the profit) will be burning which proportionally increases the price of the token.

The 45% percent of the profit will be equally split to the geldf holder as a usdt token.

Staking consist of a dual-income scheme

      Fixed returns
      Variable returns

Fixed return

The geldf token staker will receive the staking reward of 120% APY.

Variable Returns

The 45% percent of the profit will be equally split to the geldf holder as a usdt token.

Block Diagram for Trade & Burn



Handpick traders and asset managers from all over the world, who did their best even in the worst part of the market conditions. More than 20+ years of experienced traders are occupying our trading desk. The desk works day and night to monitor the world trading possibilities and grab every single opportunity in the financial industry.

These experiences help us to diversify our assets and create a low risk portfolio. Our strategy and vision towards this industry has helped to satisfy more than 6000 clients worldwide in asset management. We are already handling Crypto, forex, futures, bonds and shares across the globe.

The wise knowledge from our experts, we are entering into the crypto world with a new product (token). The token will have more features which potentially benefits every single person who invests in Geld Finance token

Our trading desk is willing to share their knowledge in the crypto market space with the public. Therefore anyone can utilize the knowledge and make profits. We have our own research space in which opportunities in the crypto market will be discussed

Team Analysis



BTC is one of the biggest assets in the modern world. From October 2020, the price started increasing dramatically and become the most controversial investment in the financial industry. The price rallied from 9825.0$ to 64854.00$ in a short period of 7 months. The profit between the price rallies was approximately 700% above. This is one of the greatest profits ever gained in the history of finance. The price rally was halted and a fall happened around the month of June-2021, because of the crypto ban in major countries. The counter took the support level 28360.7 to constrain its fall and the price started accumulating around the price range of 28360 and 41330.00. From the mid of JULY 2021, the price again started moving upwards and break the top range of 41330.0$. Many tweets that it’s the phase compare to the BTC while in 2009. The Corona outbreak and contentious amount of public involvement in the crypto market will set the BTC price on fire. Now the price is moving in the standard phase and form an ascending channel. The price started moving with a strong support level and it will break the previous high of 59500 in a couple of months. The bullish trend will continue further and it will break the highest peak price of 64854. This major breakout will push on the price up to 20% of its overall high. The price will continue its rally at least for six months and it’ll reach 93,000$. Therefore the scope for the BITCOIN is very bright and prosperous.



Ethereum is the highest ALT coin in the world and recently the price crosses 3200$. The initial price of Ethereum was around two to three dollars at the time of 2015. Because of its new work algorithm (i.e. proof of stack) which reduces the manpower and energy (mining) to connect the block, it becomes popular. The Ethereum blockchain started decentralizing (De-fi) the financial system completely and paved the way for D-apps. D-apps are created using the Ethereum programming language solidity. Now there are thousands of D-app are available and they are coded on the Ethereum platform. If decentralization is accepted by most people and more smart contracts are involved in day-to-day life, then most of the current successful companies will be outdated. These are some of the circumstances which pull the price from 330$ to 4370$ in a short span of time. The all-time high of Ethereum is 4372.20$ and due to the rumor about crypto and some countries banned mining, Ethereum started falling downwards. After reaching below 38% of the Fibonacci retracement level, the price took the support around the price 1715. The price accumulated around the support base for the past three months. Now the price started rising exponentially with a steady correction and retracement. The price is expected to continue its rally and by the mid of 2022, the price will reach 7000$ with dozens of pullbacks.



iExec is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace, where user sold their additional computing serves who need them. We can consider it as a decentralized version of Amazon web services and Google cloud etc. RLC token was launched as a utility token for usage in the iExec ecosystem. The token is an ERC-20 token build on an Etherium blockchain. It’s very difficult to compete with the centralized giants in the cloud computing services like AWS, iExec also support the development of Decentralized apps (D-apps). In addition to that, the iExec has its D-app store like Google play store, users can download the D-app and utilize it. If you’re a developer then you can develop your own D-app and list it on the store. There is a resource place in the iExec ecosystem where D-app purchases their resource in the exchange of RLC tokens. Let come back to the token, iExec launched its ICO in April 2017 and collect the fund of twelve million dollars in the exchange for eighty-seven million tokens (approx. 0.13$). The token hit the market with a price of around 30$, the price mostly fluctuates below one dollar. The maximum high of the token before 2020 is 3.80$. In January 2021, the price rapidly up the price at and reaches the all-time high of 11.65$ in May 2021. Since the bubble of price breaks within a month and falls below 38% in the Fibonacci retracement. The downwards rally stop at the price of 2.04$ and the token took the support around this price and started accumulating. The accumulation indicates the buying and selling volume of tokens is more or less equal. More the accumulation period farther the breakout happens. The token accumulated for 31 days. On July 22 the price started moving upwards and within a short span of time, the token forms an ascending channel. The formation of the ascending channel indicates the market is moving with a strong buying mode. Currently, the price is moving around 4$ and the price is expected to 10$ around 100 days of time with some pullback and corrections. The price of RLC tokens may proceed even further with respect to the market condition and the user in the iExec ecosystem